Letter from the Founder   

My decision to initiate Put Our Kids First is based on my experience as a parent, my experience as a business owner, and my desire to see the creation of a world class system of education, beginning with Michigan.

When my three oldest children were of K-12 school age, my wife and I were young parents with limited resources. Both of us were obviously involved with our children, and we tried to work through the public school system while also being team players.

Our first three children could not be more different. Most of the teachers were good people, and motivated educators. As a parent, you would cross your fingers and hope that your children would be placed with a motivated teacher who was compatible with your child’s propensity to learn.

Once middle school began, we soon realized that it was very difficult trying to maintain a strong parent-teacher-student relationship. The system was turning into a large bureaucratic assembly line. In each subsequent year, it appeared that the individual teachers were losing more control, and that many of the kids were becoming more detached and less respectful to the adults. They also seemed to miss the opportunity of learning how to write a well-prepared essay, or understanding the duties and responsibilities which are needed to make a democracy thrive. Something was definitely wrong, and there was almost a relief when our children exited the public schools after their senior years.

About this time, my wife and I were blessed with a fourth child. We also had the financial means to become consumers for her education. By having this freedom, we interviewed a half dozen private schools. We found that just because a school is private does not always mean that it offers an exemplary learning environment.

Yet, we had a choice that most parents did not have. And with that choice, we believe that we may have provided an additional year or two of childhood innocence which may not have been afforded at another learning environment.

We also found that our child is on par to compete with the best educated children in the world.

As a business owner who continues to observe a steady stream of high school and college students who do not have the skills needed in today’s workplace, I am impassioned with the idea of significantly changing the way we look at education.

I believe that every parent should have the right of educational choice.

Please join me in changing the system. Your membership is a brick-by-brick way of truly making the world a better place.


Bill Borgiel
Put Our Kids First

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