How Can I Help?   

Do you believe that the American system of education is properly preparing our children for the new global economy?

Should parents have the power of educational choice?

We urge you to join the Put Our Kids First team.

Each member gives us more clout in Lansing.

Membership will be free from money solicitations and junk e-mail. We promise to respect your privacy and to send e-mail only for important news and developments.

So, how do individual citizens begin the monumental task of significantly changing a failing American institution?

  • Sign on to the Put Our Kids First membership form. Our goal is to garner a large group of public support for a parental choice initiative, and to take our movement to Lansing.
  • Talk and network with other parents. When one considers the small window of time that we have to prepare our children for the global challenges which lie ahead, there are few issues which are more important to a fellow parent.
  • Vote for Michigan political candidates who support parental choice. Put Our Kids First will provide non-partisan endorsements for the legislative and gubernatorial races prior to the upcoming 2006 elections.

Join the Put Our Kids First team

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