About Put Our Kids First   

Put Our Kids First is a bipartisan, non-profit organization. We support political candidates from both parties who have the political courage to Put Our Kids First.

Our organization is founded on the following core beliefs:

  • The focus of improving education is too centered around what is in the best interest of the adults, and not what is in the best interest of our children.
  • Our system of K-12 education is a state-run monopoly which limits competition.
  • Since there is not a fair competition of ideas, the United States is still educating children with an assembly-line approach which was developed during the Industrial Revolution era.
  • American education, particularly beyond elementary school, is much likely to be more of a pop-culture experience, than an academic experience.
  • The United States, and especially states like Michigan, are at risk of graduating a generation of kids who will not have the skills to compete in the 21st century.
  • Allowing parents more quality educational choices within their district, will enhance education ingenuity, and will provide options to children who are entrapped in a failing learning environment.
  • Raising the cap on charter schools, and affording state-certified private schools fair access to state funding, is a reasonable approach of providing more educational choices for parents.
  • All certified schools of choice would be required to be non-profit, and fully accountable to a state certification agency.
  • We need a mechanism in our system of education which rewards good teachers with higher pay, and allows the management team of a school to have the freedom to build a solid teaching staff.  The ability to terminate the employment of poor performing teachers should not be infringed by a collective bargaining agreement.

Put Our Kids First realizes that changing the way Michigan looks at education is a monumental task, with significant political ramifications for those politicians who are willing to change the paradigm of how we educate our children.

It is the ultimate goal of our organization to bring the issue of true educational reform to the forefront, and to revolutionize the way Michigan prepares its' children for the significant global challenges which lie ahead.

By signing on to our organization, you are making a statement to the politicians in Lansing...that it is time to Put Our Kids First!

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